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2+2 is the four-player expansion for the award-winning Wir sind das Volk! It broadens the original game to the global Cold War from 1945 to 1989.

Players form two partnerships: the USA and West Germany versus the USSR and East Germany. However, there can only be ONE winner! This fact makes every decision a nail-biter: What is more important right now? Your side's interests or your own?

The 40 new action cards add events like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the SALT treaties. The range of strategic choices is significantly wider, making 2+2 a completely different game.

As a superpower, gain global dominance and win the space race. Increase your living standards to demonstrate the superiority of your system. Never let the other side get too far ahead in the arms race. Subtly manipulate your partner's choices; don't hesitate to sabotage his plans outright if necessary. But most importantly, always remember the need for world peace, otherwise there might be no tomorrow.

1 Gameboard (ca. 17" x 5")
40 Action Cards
10 Conflict Cards
10 Arms Race Cards
1 Sheet of die-cut Markers
1 Set of Rules

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