When the evil people unite and form a power,
then the honest people have to do the same.
(Lew Tolstoi) )

You, Peoples of the World: Stop Putin!

In solidarity with the people in Belarus, this website was on strike since late October, 2020..

On 12 February, 2021, the strike was ended; instead a sticker
"Europe, support Free Belarus!"
was put on each outgoing parcel.

Due to the barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine, this sticker is now replaced by
"You, Peoples of the World: Stop Putin!"

Histogame supports the demands of the Belarusian oppositional majority to their full extent:

1. Free and fair elections.
2. End of violence against peaceful protesters.
3. Release of all political prisoners.

This video gives you a concise summary of the situation in Belarus.


— Reasons for Histogame's solidarity —

• In Belarus, human rights are ignored. Peaceful protesters as well as uninvolved passerbys are detained at random, beaten with sadistic brutality and tortured. Some have even be killed. The regime is at war with its own people.

• The so-called riot police units (OMON, ALMAS, and others) are executing this terror as terrorist organizations. There is no law for them, they don't have to fear any punishment from Belarusian courts.

• Belarus matters. It is not in Siberia. The distance from Berlin to Minsk is 1,100 km (to Paris 1,050 and to Rome 1,500).

• Belarusian democracy movement needs support. All kind of solidarity will help.

— And there are some personal reasons as well —

• Minsk, the capitol of Belarus, is my wife's city of birth.

• Her mother, her brother and his wife, her grandmother, cousin, niece, friends are living there.

• We married in Minsk, and – as you can imagine – her family and friends have found their place in my heart.

• I experienced many wonderful unforgettable things in Minsk. (To mention one less unforgettable one: The 7-1 Germany vs Brazil FIFA match).

• My boardgame
WIR SIND DAS VOLK! is no empty lip service, but a statement for freedom, democracy and human rights. Not striking, would feel like a betrayal of my own game design.

Business as usual is currently not possible for me. I cannot behave as there is nothing happening. This city, this country, these brave people deserve a democratic elected president.

Belarus needs our attention.

And so I am making my small contribution, with the hope that the 4th mass protest marker will be laid out in Belarus very soon. Freedom and democracy will prevail.

I beg for your understanding.

Zhyve Belarus!