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Warning according to EU-laws
WARNING! All games listed on this order-formular are not suitable for children under 3 years!
They contain small pieces which can be swallowed. Choking hazard!

Games from HISTOGAME
Quantity Price in EUR
with VAT
For non-EU customers
Price without VAT
(complete english-german edition)
18,90 15,88 1
(complete english-german edition)
29,90 25,13 2
FRIEDRICH (Anniversary Edition; complete english-german) sold out 41,90 35,21 2
MARIA (complete english-german edition) 41,90 35,21 2
König von Siam (complete english-german edition) out of
21,90 18,40 1
— All prices in EUR —
Shipping costs are not included. Left column's prices include German sales tax (VAT). The middle column gives prices without sales tax; these prices are valid only for customers outside the EU. The right column gives the shipping-class, which is used to calculate the shipping costs (which will be charged in addition to the price of the games, see below).

Shipping costs in EUR
shipping class
0,5 1 1,5 2 3 4 5 6 delivery time
Germany 2,00 4,50 4,50 4,50 4,50 6,00 6,00 6,00 2-3 working days
EU, zone A 4,40 8,50 9,70 9,70 13,90 16,90 19,90 19,90 ca. 8 days
EU, zone B 4,40 8,50 9,70 9,70 18,00 18,00 24,00 24,00 ca. 8 days
Ask for the exact shipping prices below here!
other Europe 3,70 7,00 9,90 16,00 ca. 21,00 ca. 22,00 ca. 23,00 ca. 23,00 ca. 8 days
World 1 (air mail) 3,70 7,00 9,90 16,00 ca. 32,00 ca. 32,00 ca. 34,00 ca. 36,00 ca. 12 days
World 2 (air mail) 3,70 7,00 9,90 16,00 ca. 35,00 ca. 37,00 ca. 37,00 ca. 40,00 ca. 12 days
EU, zone A: States of the European Union, except those of Zone-B. No small islands (like Canares, Jersey) either.
EU, zone B: Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, Romania, Cyprus.
World 1: Algeria, Canada, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordania, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Marocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Syria, Tunesia, USA, UA Emirates, Yemen.
World 2: others.
To calculate the shipping costs of your order, simply add up all shipping-class values of the ordered products.
If necessary round mathematical up or down.

Warning according to EU-laws
WARNING! All games listed on this order-formular are not suitable for children under 3 years!
They contain small pieces which can be swallowed. Choking hazard!

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If you buy something via the internet, you will have the right to return the goodies in between 2 weeks without specifying any reasons. Your stepback from the buying must be delivered in written form (e-mail is enough) or by a simple return of the games. The shipping costs for returning the games have to be paid by you. When you have started to use the games, Histogame has the right to hold back some money. The deadline of 2 weeks starts at the moment you receive the games together with the written information about your right of stepback. You will suffice the deadline of 2 weeks as long as you send your declaration or the games in this time frame.