A N N I V E R S A R Ys E D I T I O N

Celebrating the 300th birthday of
Frederick the Great,
Histogame presents the FRIEDRICH Anniversary Edition.

A boardgame for 3 or 4 players
aged 13 and up
by Richard Sivél.

For a price of 41,90 EUR
you can order here.

==> March, 2021: There is a new
rules version.

The changes compared to the former edition are explained here.

Defeat Prussia before the Tsarina dies.

Or, be Frederick the Great
and struggle for survival
with a mixture of
courageous willpower,
sudden inspiration and
stoic patience.

Game reports:
* Final of the 1st FWC, 2006
* Final of the 2nd FWC, 2007
* Final of the 3rd FWC, 2008
* Final of the 4th FWC, 2009
* Final of the 5th FWC, 2010
* Final of the 6th FWC, 2011
* Final of the 7th FWC, 2012
* Final of the 8th FWC, 2013
* Final of the 13th FWC, 2018
* Final of the CAFE 2013 (Spanish Open)

15th Friedrich World Championship
was canceled due to Covid-19.