A N N I V E R S A R Ys E D I T I O N

Celebrating the 300th birthday of
Frederick the Great,
Histogame presents the FRIEDRICH Anniversary Edition.

A boardgame for 3 or 4 players
aged 13 and up
by Richard Sivél.

For a price of 41,90 EUR
you can order here.

The changes compared to the former edition are explained here.

Defeat Prussia before the Tsarina dies.

Or, be Frederick the Great
and struggle for survival
with a mixture of
courageous willpower,
sudden inspiration and
stoic patience.

Game reports:
* Final of the 1st FWC, 2006
* Final of the 2nd FWC, 2007
* Final of the 3rd FWC, 2008
* Final of the 4th FWC, 2009
* Final of the 5th FWC, 2010
* Final of the 6th FWC, 2011
* Final of the 7th FWC, 2012
* Final of the 8th FWC, 2013
* Final of the 13th FWC, 2018
* Final of the CAFE 2013 (Spanish Open)

From 4 to 6 Sept, 2020, the
15th Friedrich World Championship
will take place in Berlin.

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