Info for preordering
2+2 or MARIA

2+2 and the re-printed MARIA are estimated to be available right before the Essen game fair (26 to 29 Oct). However, you can preorder it already now, for a price of:
– 17 EUR (instead of 18,90 EUR) for 2+2,
– 38 EUR (instead of 41,90 EUR) for Maria.

For the shipping costs, please take a look at the table with the shipping costs.

Basically, you have 4 options:
1.) You live outside Germany and want the game shipped WITHOUT insurance. This is the cheapest way. However, you will take all risks in case that the game gets lost or damaged.
2.) You live outside Germany and want the game shipped WITH insurance. In that case, the price for the game increases by 3 EUR when you live in the EU, and by 2,52 EUR when you live outside the EU.
3.) You live in Germany, then it will be shipped for 4,50 EUR WITH insurance, even when you choose the no-insurance option.
4.) You want to pick up the game at the game fair in Essen until Saturday, 28 Oct, 12 o'clock. Here, obviously no shipping costs have to be paid.

The procedure for SHIPPING: No matter whether you want the game being shipped with or without insurance, the procedure is the same. As soon as your ordered game is available, you will receive an email with an invoice. Only with this email, the contract of selling is made. You have to pay the invoice in 10 days, otherwise Histogame will consider your preorder as being canceled. As soon as we have received your payment we will ship the game as fast as possible.

1) The weight of 2+2 is a pure estimate at the moment. Maybe the shipping class will be in #2 category, which would make shipping more expensive for non-German customers. However, we do not expect that. But, if it would happen, you can easily cancel your order, if you wish.

2) It may happen that your ordered game will be available only some days before the Essen game fair (26 to 29 Oktober). In this case, you will receive the email with the invoice only after the game fair. (Unfortunately, Histogame is a one-man-show. Thus normal business is sleeping during the game fair. Please accept our apologies for that.)

The procedure for PICK-UP AT THE GAME FAIR: After your pre-order, you will receive an confirmation email. Please print out that email and show it at the game fair, so that you will receive your special preorder discount. Your copy will be reserved until Saturday 28 Oct, 2017, 12 o'clock. After that your pre-order will be considered canceled in mutual agreement.